2 More Baptisms!

We had 2 baptisms this week! One of them
on Tuesday and the other Halloween morning. They went great! The water was
freezing because there was a problem with the water heater, but they got
baptized! The investigator’s son baptized her on Tuesday, and my companion
baptized the investigator on Halloween. I confirmed the two of them on
Sunday. It was a good week!

We also went to a Catholic funeral on Monday, during our P-Day. We didn’t
really want to go, but them we realized how bad that was and went. We were
thinking, “If we were at home, no matter what we’d go to a funeral for
someone if they asked us specifically to come. Shouldn’t we do that even
more on the mission?” It was different. Super casual. We said a prayer
there with the family, and then they all went to the cemetery. We weren’t
there for super long, but it seems like we helped them at least a little

We have another baptism planned for Saturday! Another 9 year old girl. Her
family was going to get baptized together in December because the parents
need to wait and get married first. The daughter decided she didn’t want to
wait anymore, though, so we’re doing her baptism this week and the parents
will be baptized in December still. We’re seeing miracles here! The Lord is
helping us in this work. He lives and loves us.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

These are the only photos I have for now.
-Elder Kehoe