2 More Baptized!

Here’s another day by day in the Life
of Elder Kehoe.

Monday: We went to visit my first area for P-Day. We went and talked to my
old pensionista and lavanderia. They were very happy to see me, and it was
fun to be able to talk to them again and catch up a bit. It’s been about a
year and a half since I was with them.

Tuesday: We had our weekly District Meeting. I taught about the importance
of working with members when we do missionary work. Then in the afternoon,
we got some invitations ready for the ward activity we were going to have
on Friday. Then we visited the family of investigators and got them ready
for their baptismal interviews.

Wednesday: We had a service project in the morning. We had to gather corn
from the field (pluck it from the stalk), fill up huge bags with the corn,
and carry that corn up the hill to the house. It was fun. Something
different than the normal service projects we do. Then we did divisiones
with the Zone Leaders. It went went well. While I was with the Zone Leader,
he interviewed our investigators. Everything’s ready for the baptism on

Thursday: We planned for week 5 of the transfer. The time’s going by really
fast. Afterwards, we got some stuff done to prepare for the ward activity.
After giving the spiritual thought, we planned on playing Minute to Win It
games. We thought about the different games we could play and listed the
things we needed to buy. We also visited the investigators that were going
to be baptized on Saturday. We showed them the video of The Restoration. It
helped them understand better the story of Joseph Smith. Then we visited
our new recent convert and taught him about the priesthood.

Friday: We visited one of our new investigators. She said that she prayed
about what we taught her and had a dream that the Church is true. She wants
to be baptized! Sadly, she isn’t married yet. She’s living with her
husband, but because they aren’t married, they can’t be baptized yet. They
are making plans for the wedding, though, so that she can be baptized! He’s
a return missionary. We made a few other visits and went to the Church to
get ready for the activity. The activity “started” at 6:00, but nobody was
there until 7:30… We talked about President Uchtdorf’s message from
General Conference about rebuilding those that have fallen. We used his
example with the German church and related it to our lives and Jesus
Christ. Then we played Minute to Win It. We did the following games: the
pyramid with the plastic cups, keeping 3 balloons up at a time, holding a
big stack of cups and moving the red cup from top to bottom one by one,
putting the playing cards in matching groups on 5 different tables, blowing
up a balloon and using the air to blow cups off the table, wrapping someone
up in toilet paper without it breaking, and eating a cookie from your
forehead. It was a lot of fun. I think everyone enjoyed it.

Saturday: 2 more baptisms! This time the font didn’t overfill. Our
pensionista left town to go to the temple in Lima for her birthday, so we
ate lunch with the Ward Mission Leader after the baptism. For some reason,
there were very few people home today to visit. Also, there was a huge
concert going on near our house. It was for some group called Mana.

Sunday: Because it was the fourth Sunday of the month, a member from the
Stake High Council came and spoke. He called everyone out for getting to
Sacrament Meeting late. He said that everyone who wanted to go to the
concert yesterday was outside waiting all morning for the concert to start
at 9:00 pm. (And it’s true. There were tons of people waiting a really long
time to go into the concert.) He then reminded us that coming to Church and
taking the Sacrament is much more important than a concert, and that if so
many people are waiting for hours to get into a concert, we can at least
get to Church 15 minutes early. Don’t worry. Our investigators/recent
converts and we were there nice and early. In the afternoon, we visited a
couple less actives for the first time. Hopefully we can help them come
back to Church.

Monday (today): For P-Day, as a Zone, we’re going back to visit one of the
waterfalls I went to at the beginning of my mission. Most of the people in
the Zone haven’t been there yet, so it should be fun.

Spiritual Enlightenment: I learned something from 2 Ne. 3:8,24 this week.
And it goes along with what we often hear in the Church, that we must work
“with an eye single to the glory of God.” I always thought that scripture
meant that everything we need to do should be for God’s glory, meaning that
the glory is for God. But after reading these 2 verses, I now better
understand that everything we do should be to receive God’s glory, meaning
to receive the glory from God. Many times in life we get distracted and
side tracked and we often do things trying to receive glory from our
friends, from our peers, from the world, etc. We need to do that which is
“great in the sight of God” so that we can become “great in [His] eyes.”
Our only goal should be to receive glory from God. That glory comes through
obedience to His commandments. I know that as we live by and keep the
commandments, we will find happiness in our lives. We will be blessed by
the Lord, and He will help us along in our lives.

I hope everyone has a great week! Here are a couple pictures!

-Elder Kehoe