Unexpected Transfers!

So, I got transfered to Tacna. I
was in a bus for 9 hours yesterday, and because of that, I didn’t have time
to write home. I was expecting to have 1 more transfer in Chivay, but
apparently the Lord needs me here. Apparently He also needs me to be a Zone
Leader. That’ll certainly be a new experience. Sounds like we’re going to
have to go and pick up some new missionaries from the bus station at like
11:00 or 12:00 tonight. Lots of new experiences.

My companion is Elder Ancajima (on-ca-HE-ma). He’s Continue reading

Less than a year to go

This is from last week. I had it typed up but forgot to send it.

Monday: We had a pretty normal day today. We made the brownies that I got
from the ward for P-Day. They didn’t turn out perfect, but they were
certainly the best brownies we’ve had here.

Tuesday: We had to go to Arequipa, AGAIN. We left in a snow storm. It was
awesome! The bus didn’t have any problems, thankfully, and we got to
Arequipa fine. The mission home was full this time of other missionaries,
so we stayed in the apartment Continue reading