3 Miracles

We had some more cool miracles this week!
It didn’t start all great, though. Tuesday and Wednesday we had really slow
days. We were a little discouraged. Nobody was home. Our appointments fell
through. We were working hard, and studying, and planning, but we still
didn’t have success. Then the miracles came.

1) We got a call from a set of sister missionaries in the Zone. They asked
us to help them with a move. One of their families were going to move from
that ward over to our ward. We went and helped them out. The mom is a less
active. Her boyfriend/husband is kind of investigating. Her 9 year-old
daughter is ready to be baptized! We’re going to have her baptism this
Saturday, on Halloween!

2) Then we got a call from another set of missionaries in the Zone. They
told us that a couple visited their ward last week but that they really
live within our ward boundaries. We went and visited them with the bishop.
He’s a less active, and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible. We’re
going to help them get married and then baptized! They’re great. They’re
both very willing to learn and are progressing well!

3) We found a new investigator a little while ago. One of our investigators
told us their neighbor wanted to talk to us, so we talked to him. He told
us that his family is super against the Church. They’re basically atheists.
We talked to him a little bit and taught him next door in our investigators
house. Then the other day we went by to look for him. He wasn’t home, but
his wife came and talked to us in the door. She was super nice. We talked
to her about her husband, about her kids, about what we do as missionaries,
etc. She told us that they don’t belong to any church and that that’s not
really important for them. Then we bore our testimonies of the Gospel. We
told her that we know it would help her family, that it would change her
life, that she’d find peace and happiness. She definitely felt the Spirit.
She accepted a pamphlet, and we’re going to go back and visit her and her
husband another day.

We have seen that the Lord is helping us in this work. He knows us, cares
about us, and helps us. Trust in Him.

=C2=A1Happy Halloween!

-Elder Kehoe