A New Zone

Well, we had transfers again. I’m still here
in Granados in Alameda as Zone Leader. But my companion left to Arequipa.
He’s a Zone Leader over there now. My new companion is coming from
Arequipa. His name is Elder Anderson. I don’t remember if I said this
already or not, but him and I happened to have a class together at BYU
before the mission. He recognized me from class when I first got here and
now we’re companions. Small world.

There are 10 areas here in the Zone, and 8 of them changed. It’s going to
be super different. We’re going to have to get to know everyone, see how
everyone gets along, see how they teach, and adapt to their new

It’s been a good week. We keep working here. The baptism we were supposed
to have last week and this week got moved back a little bit. We’re going to
have a baptism on December 5, and possibly before that. I’ll keep you

Thanks for your prayers, emails, cards, etc. I appreciate all the support I
get from everyone back at home. I hope you all have a great week! Read your
scriptures and say your prayers. You won’t regret it.

-Elder Kehoe