Another month has gone

Here we are at the end of
June. It’s crazy to think how fast the time flies. We’re still working
hard here in the Branch. We’re getting everything a little bit more

Monday: I forgot my clothes and stuff in the mission home in Arequipa.
I’m still waiting for them to send me that. We ate pizza and got
permission from our Mission President to go Zip lining here in Colca!
It should be awesome.

Tuesday: We made some Sloppy Joes with some ground beef we bought in
Arequipa because we can’t buy it here. They turned out really good.

Wednesday: We got some new investigators from member references, which
was great. The members are starting to help more in the work, little
by little.

Thursday: We had our Presidency Meeting to get ready for Sacrament
Meeting and everything Sunday. We talked about starting a Temple Prep
class and advancing a couple members in the priesthood.

Friday: We gave everyone their talks for Sunday and helped them
prepare a little bit. We also had a great lesson with a Seventh-day
Adventist. He’s 18. We were explaining to him why it’s so important to
have prophets on the earth and explained the Book of Mormon to him.
The Spirit was certainly felt during that lesson.

Saturday: We had a service project in the morning. We were digging a
ditch in the hot sun. During the day, the sun is super strong and it’s
hot. At night, however, it’s really cold. Fun stuff. We taught
Seminary again. And only 2 people came, again. And we had a Good
Samaritan experience.

Sunday: We went to remind members before Church about our meeting at
9:00 so they’d get there early and everything. We went to 7 houses and
the other Elders went to about the same. Sadly, the attendance was the
same. We went and visited the Adventist again today, too. He didn’t
read the Book of Mormon, so we explained it again. He said that he’s
going to read it and pray about it to know if it’s true. He studies
all during the week outside of Chivay, so we have to wait until next
Friday or Sunday to visit him, but we’re going back to see what

The Church is true, everyone. I know and testify that it is. I hope
you know it, too, and that you share it with the world. Have a great

-Elder Kehoe