Another week gone

Here’s another day by day break down
for you.

Monday: We wen to buy some souvenirs this week. It was just a relaxed day.
That night we taught the Familia Cruz. There were 11 people there listening
to us at the same time. It was a very different teaching environment. It
was a little hard to keep everyone focused, but they paid attention.
They’re going to progress at different speeds, but I think all of them will
be baptized.

Tuesday: We had our District Meeting this morning. Our District Leader
taught us about the armor of God. We need to help our investigators put it
on so that they are protected from the temptations and trials in the world.
Friends in the Church are a big help to them.

Tuesday afternoon: We were waiting outside a house, knocking on the door,
when a lady approached us. She was there with her son. She said, “Hi,
Elders. Where is the Church around here?” She is a less active that just
recently moved here. We walked with her to her house and told her where the
Church is. She told us that her 2 sons aren’t baptized yet. One is 10 and
the other 12. We’re going to visit them this week and teach then baptize
them! We also contacted 2 references we got from a member. We set up
appointments with them, too. So basically we found 4 new investigators

Wednesday: Almost all our appointments fell through today. But at night we
did divisiones with a returned missionary from the ward and our ward
mission leader. I went to visit Luis and Marlene. They’re a married couple
with 2 kids. They’ve been listening to us for a while now. They read the
scriptures, they pray, they come to Church, but they still don’t want to be
baptized. We taught them about the Holy Ghost. We explained that they’ve
probably already recieved an answer that these things are true and that
they just haven’t recognized it. They, sadly, still don’t want to be
baptized yet.

Thursday: We planned today for Week 7 of the transfer. Because all of the
native speakers in the CCM/MTC are going to be there for 3 weeks instead of
2 now, all the missions in the world had to add 1 week to the transfer.
This week will be interesting. We taught a small English class today. We
taught out of the English General Conference Liahona. We also visited a few
less actives.

Friday: Elder Montoya from the Seventy came today. We had a conference with
him all morning. He talked about the importance of loving our neighbor,
especially our closest neighbor (our companion). I finally realized that
neither the first great commandment nor the second great commandment say
“Thou shalt love thyself.” We are commanded to love God and love our
neighbor. We need to put everyone before ourselves.

After the conference, we were given permission to eat out at a restaurant.
We got some chicken and cow hearts. (Not chicken hearts and cow hearts,
just cow hearts and chicken). Then a member took us out to get dinner. I
was super full. Then we visited the less active from Utah again.

Saturday: We had a service project this morning. We went to help a blind
member fix his roof. Water was coming in during the rain. While we were
working on the roof with the ward mission leader, the blind member was
fixing his entryway with cement. I don’t know how, but he was. And he did a
good job. We visited our atheist investigator again. She still doesn’t
believe in God or want to be baptized, but she’s reading the Book of
Mormon. The purpose of the Book is to convince everyone that Jesus Christ
is the Son of God, so if she keeps reading it and prays, she’ll get her
answer. We also went to the Family History Center with a recent convert to
help her send her family names to the temple. She brought her non-member
friend. She couldn’t send names to the temple but was able to learn about
her ancestors. We also went back to the Familia Cruz today. We taught them
about the Book of Mormon and gave them copies to read. Hopefully they come
to Church tomorrow!

Sunday: I played the piano in Church again today. I do it every week. The
Relief Society asked me to play for the song the choir was going to sing…
Totally butchered that song… Oops. We had 10 investigators in Church
today, though! Our Gospel Principles class was full! At night, we visited
the Familia Cruz again. 5 of them had read the introduction to the Book of
Mormon. We talked a little bit about that and explained the importance of
families. When we were finishing the lesson, one of the investigators,
Geraldo, said he wants to be baptized. We were super excited. He asked if
he could do it this week! He wants to be baptized on Saturday and receive
the Holy Ghost on Easter Sunday! We’re going to talk to President and visit
him every day this week to help him get ready. Soon, his family members
will follow. And for dinner, we had tacos. It was a great day.

For P-Day today, since it’s the last P-Day of the transfer, we’re going to
play some games together in the Church, as a Zone. Should be fun.

Hope everyone has a fun week!

These are pictures from the hike/cave last week. I forgot to upload them.

-Elder Kehoe