Another Week of Answered Prayers

This week was great. We
were able to improve in the number of lessons that we taught, and I was
able to strengthen my testimony even more.

One day we were out looking for old investigators. We found their names and
addresses in the Area Book that we have and wanted to talk to them to see
if they wanted to learn more about the Church. We found a couple. Then
while we were leaving the area, I felt like we should knock on a door. We
did, and we found a less-active member of the Church who hasn’t been to
Church in 8 years. That was awesome. We talked with her a bit and are going
to keep visiting and helping her. Then we left and kept walking and I felt
like we should knock on a different door. We did, too, and found an
investigator who told us she felt a desire to learn more about God. She has
listened to other missionaries before, but not recently, and she said she
was “hungry to hear the word of God.” And then we knock on her door and
teach her a little bit. She doesn’t want to accept the Book of Mormon as
the word of God, but we were able to talk to her, and at least feed her a
little bit of what she was looking for. Those 2 experiences were both
really neat, because we didn’t have those planned. And the feelings I had
weren’t anything strong. It was kind of a passing thought that I acted on,
and we had great results.

Also, on Tuesday, our leaders called us to say that they needed help with a
service project. It completely changed our plans for the day, but we wanted
to go and help them. Before we left the room, we prayed. We were going to
try to get a lesson in before the service project. I prayed for 4 things:
that we’d be able to make it quickly to the far side of our area, that we’d
be able to find one of our investigators to teach, that we’d be able to get
back to the room and change with time to spare before the service project,
and that we’d be able to get to the service project on time, at 3:30. We
left the room and went to work.

We were waiting at the corner, and almost immediately, a bus came to take
us to where we needed to go. Blessing 1 – received. Then we knocked on the
first investigator’s door. She wasn’t home. We walked down the street a
bit, and found another investigator in her house. We taught her quickly and
went back up the street to go back to the room. Blessing 2 – received. The
bus came quickly to take us back to our room. We changed our clothes for
the service project and went out to wait for another bus to take us to the
service. We had plenty of time. Blessing 3 – received. We were waiting
there for a long time. It was 2:50. Then 3:00. Then 3:10. And I thought
it’d take about 30 minutes to get to the service, because it’s at the far
end of our Zone. I started to doubt. But I told myself not to worry because
the Lord had already answered the first parts of my prayer, and I knew he’d
answer the rest. Well… I didn’t know. But I believed he would. A bus
came, and we got on. We were going along and there wasn’t any traffic,
which helped. And I called the Elders to let them know we were close. They
told us where to get off and where the service project was at. We got
there, even before the Elders from that area, and I looked at my watch.
3:29. Blessing 4 – received. We waited there a bit for the other Elders who
were buying supplies. We helped them out and returned to our area. But it
was a really great experience to see all 4 parts of my prayer being
answered. I did doubt, but only for a moment. And I had to tell myself to
trust in the Lord and exercise my faith. I did, and everything turned out
like I asked it to.

The Lord lives and loves us. He is listening to our prayers and will answer
them when we pray with faith. And even when it looks like he’s not going to
help, keep your faith in Him, and the blessings will come. Doctrine and
Covenants 98:1-3 is a great scripture that talks about this. Have a great
week, everyone!

-Elder Kehoe