Area #4

I was transfered again! I definitely wasn’t
expecting it this time. Especially because President told my companion
during the interviews we just had that we were going to finish together in
Bolognesi. But now I’m in Granados, Alameda. My Zone/Stake doesn’t exist
anymore. Now I’m Zone Leader of Alameda with Elder Zibeti from Provo, Utah.
Elder Ancajima is now my District Leader instead of my companion. Lots of
changes, but I’m sure everything will work out and that it all happened for
a reason.

We got to watch Conference live this weekend. It was great. We also got to
watch it in English, which made it even better.

Cool fact: Elder Stevenson (one of the new Apostles) just visited us (all
the missionaries) a couple of weeks ago. Obviously nobody knew at that
point that he would be a new Apostle, but it’s cool that we know him.

One of the talks that I really liked was by Larry R. Lawrence when he was
talking about thinking about what we need to change individually and that
the Holy Ghost will tell us the little things we need to do to change and
continue progressing.

I don’t have a ton of time because of the transfers and everything, but
have a great week everyone! Thanks to those of you who sent me birthday

-Elder Kehoe