Big Week

Last week for P-Day, we went to some waterfalls.
It was really cool. We hiked up a slot canyon with a shallow river running
through it. I don’t have pictures because my camera was dead, but I might
get some from the other Elders. We then went and ate some lamb. It was
pretty good. Not like it is in the States, but good enough. We also played
some baseball for a bit in a soccer field that we found. It was a good last
P-Day with the Zone.

It was the last Zone P-Day because we had transfers this weekend! I will
now be training a new missionary. I don’t know his name or where he’s from
yet, but he gets here tomorrow. This means I will probably be here in
Hunter for another 3 months, but it might just be 1 1/2. My companion left
to Tacna, the far southern end of Peru, this morning. That means that for
the day, I am with one of the other Elders that will be training and then
tonight we have a short training about how to train in the Mission Home. I
hear that the Mission Home is awesome, but I haven’t been there yet, so I’m
excited to go and see it. I’ve been told that the food there is great. I
don’t feel completely ready to train, but I know that the Lord will help me
out. I think I am also the new District Leader. I haven’t been told for
certain yet, but according to what Elder Mananita told me, that’s how it
works here. It will be a lot to do, but like I said, I know the Lord will
help me and make up for my errors and imperfections.

I also had a good learning experience this week. We were on divisions one
day, and we left our room to go visit one of the members that we hadn’t
visited before because we didn’t know where her house was. As we were
leaving, a bus passed us. It was a bus that we could’ve taken to our area.
I thought about running after it to flag it down, but decided that we
couldn’t make it and didn’t want to run. Then the bus slowed down and
stopped to let someone off. We still didn’t make the bus, because we were
too far away, but if we had run when I thought about running, we would’ve
made it. So now I just felt terrible. We could’ve been on a bus going to
this appointment, but because I didn’t follow the Spirit and run when I
thought about running, we missed it. We kept walking out to the corner
where we usually wait for the bus, and I said a little prayer. I asked for
forgiveness for not running after that bus and following the Spirit. I also
asked for another bus to come so that we could go visit this Sister. Within
probably 30 seconds of finishing my prayer, a bus came by. I wasn’t
watching for it though, because I got distracted talking to my companion,
so we missed it… again. We did run after this one, but it was already
leaving and didn’t see us. I felt terrible again. I asked for a bus to
come, God answered my prayer, and it came, but I wasn’t expecting it or
watching for it, so we missed it again. I then said another prayer,
apologizing again and asking forgiveness, and also asking for another bus
because we still needed to get to our appointment. I also promised to
expect and watch out for this bus, which I did. It came after a little bit
of waiting. I looked at my watch, and we were 20 minutes later than if we
had gotten on the first bus. That’s what happens when you don’t follow the
Spirit. So I learned:
1) Run after a bus when you think about it/when the Spirit tells you to,
even if you think you won’t make it, because it might stop and drop someone
off so you can make it;
2) When you ask for a blessing or help from the Lord, do your part (like
watching for the blessing so you can use it) and don’t just pray and think
that’s all you need to do;
3) The Lord does answer our prayers;
4) The Lord is merciful and will forgive us when we mess up and ‘miss the

Besides that, everything is going well! Like I said, I don’t have pictures
for this week, but I’ll hopefully have some next week. I hope everyone is
enjoying January in the States! Have an awesome week!