Bull Fight!

Well this week was interesting. President
decided to take us all out to a bull fight during the leadership council.
It was okay to go to because it was a “cultural event.” It was fun. It was
pretty cold and started raining a little bit on us, but it was fun. There
were 13 different matches. Most of them were pretty lame. But there were 2
or 3 really good ones. I attached some pictures.

Apart from that, it was a pretty normal week. The weather here in Arequipa
is very different than Tacna. It’s super hot always in Tacna, even at
night. Here it’s been cloudy and cold and a little rainy. I prefer the
Arequipa weather.

The mission is going great. I’m still learning lots, but the problem now is
that I don’t have a whole lot of time to apply my learning. I’m doing it
the best I can, though. I want to help everyone here that I can. And I want
to thank everyone at home for the help that they’ve given me.

We are looking for new investigators right now. There are a lot of less
actives that we’re working with. We want to rescue 2 of them this month and
a couple more in March. The days pass by so fast. I’ll keep you updated!

I hope everyone has a fun week! I’ll write again next week!

-Elder Kehoe