Christmas is coming!

Hello everyone! You’re probably
freezing up there. Down here we’re nice and toasty. I’m probably sun
burned. Oh well. We’re teaching everyone about Christ!

We had a Christmas activity with the mission this week! It was fun. We had
a Santa Claus dress up contest. Ours is the kung-fu Santa there, with the
skinny white mustache. He should’ve won the contest. President’s Assistants
said so themselves, but it was audience’s choice, so the Santa with the
biggest Zone won.

During the activity, President Zobrist asked us to write out a Christmas
list. The things we wanted. We all did. I thought it was a little funny.
Then he asked us to write a list of things we wanted to give this
Christmas. That one made me think more. And I liked the question. What do I
want to give? I invite you all to ask yourself the same question.

Then, yesterday, we taught a super cool lesson. We have a new investigator,
Geraldo. He’s in his late 30′s. We were teaching him for like the second
time. And he was telling us how much he wanted to serve a mission. He was
wishing that he had found the Church earlier, so that he could’ve gone and
served. He said that when he went to his current church, he didn’t feel
anything special. He just went because that’s what he always did. Then his
friend invited him to come to our Church.

He said he felt at peace. For the first time all year, after having health
problems and other trials, he felt at peace. Kids were running around
during the Sacrament Meeting, but we were there listening to the word of
God. He said that he filled the void that he had inside. He found what he
was missing. He told us that he would come to the Church whenever he could.
That it wasn’t a burden for him; that he enjoyed it. We waits anxiously for
our visits. He wants us to invite him to every activity that there is in
the Church. Listening to his testimony reminded me of why I’m here. It
reminded me of the blessings that we have in the Church, of the peace and
happiness that is gives us. It reminded me how happy I am to be here. I
know this Church is true. And it changes lives.

Have a great week!

-Elder Kehoe