Christmas is coming

Hello everyone! I’m alive and well
here. We are getting ready for Christmas. Some houses have lights up. Most
houses have a Christmas tree. My companion has one that we’re going to put
up today. It’s fun.

We’re focusing a lot in Jesus Christ and His birth right now. We use the “A
Savior is Born” video a lot. It’s really easy to talk with people about
Jesus and the true meaning of Chirstmas during this time of year.

We’ve found some great investigators. They’re progressing quickly. We
should still have some baptisms this month. I’ll keep you updated. Nothing
for this week.

The Christmas Devotional was great last night. If you haven’t seen it yet,
go and watch it! I really enjoyed the music.

I hope everyone enjoys this week! It’s Christmastime. Be happy! (:

Pictures: I’m buried in the sand. I have a towel wrapped around my head so
I didn’t get sand in my hair, ears, nose, nor mouth. Sun glasses were for
the sun. Obviously. My companion gave me abs. The Zone also buried 2 other

-Elder Kehoe