Day 70

I just have one picture this week. It’s of a river that runs through the city with the volcano Misti in the background.

We had a good week this week. We got to study more this week, which we don’t usually have time for, so that was nice. I got to read more in the Book of Mormon in Spanish, we practiced teaching some lessons, watched some videos about how to improve as missionaries, and I helped my companion with his English.

My Spanish continues to improve. I can understand a lot, usually even when they speak quickly. I am getting better at talking, too. I need to look up more words in my dictionary so I can increase my vocabulary and use different verbs, but it’s going well. We might be starting an English class for my ward that I will be teaching. Don’t know what I’ll teach, but we’ll see what happens.

As far as my personal supplies go, I’m doing alright. The big bottle of shampoo and hand sanitizer and hair gel have all lasted so far. I have sun screen. My first space pen ink cartridge ran out this week, so I replaced it with the extra one I brought. My waterproof notebooks are working great. I always have it on me, along with my space pen, my flashlight, my wallet, money, my Missionary Agenda, my Missionary Manual, and as soon as I get the paracord, I will make a lanyard that I carry as well.

I got a calling in my Zone. I am the piano player… I only play the right hand, because I haven’t practiced enough to play with both, but I can play just about any hymn with just the right hand, so that’s good. I’m surprised no one else knows how to play. I play every Tuesday and Thursday during our Zone and District meetings. During Sacrament Meeting, we sing along with the recorded hymns on CD because our chapel is tiny and doesn’t have a piano.

I had to teach Gospel Principles this week, in Spanish, without my companion. My first time ever being in that class, and I’m teaching it, in a foreign language. That was interesting. I think they understood what I was trying to teach. We talked about lesson 6, the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Everyone here has backpacks and not shoulder bags, so I think I’ll look for a backpack somewhere and keep my shoulder bag to use in college when I get home.