General Conference, for the last time

We had a good week
this week! My new companion got here fine, and we’ve been getting along

Monday: My companion got here. We ate lunch, he wrote home, then we went
and visited the Cruz family for a family home evening. It went well.

Tuesday: We had a Zone meeting today instead of a district meeting. We
talked with the Zone leaders and established the districts, planned P-Days,
etc. Then we split into our new districts. I didn’t have a class prepared.
Oops. The Zone Leaders said we were going to meet all together, so I
assumed they would be teaching us all together. That wasn’t the case. (You
know what happens when you assume…) My district is small. There are 6 of
us. Only 4 of us were there Tuesday, because one of the companionship is
training, so she went to pick up her new companion. The lesson turned out
alright. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. I’m prepared this time.

In the afternoon, we were visiting a bunch of different families. My
companion invited 4 of our investigators to be baptized, and they all

Wednesday: It was a good day. We visited people all day long. My companion
is getting to know the members and the area. He’s a really good teacher. He
also invited 3 more investigators to be baptized. They also accepted!

Thursday: We had our weekly planning this morning. I was able to explain to
my companion how the area is, who the investigators are, who the
less-actives are, etc. It went well. He’s feeling more comfortable here. We
ate lunch and went to help with a small move. Then, of course, we went to
visit more families. We found a new potencial investigator today!

Friday: We had surprise interviews with President. Everything went fine.
After the interview, President let me use the computer to sign up for my
BYU classes. Everything worked out great. I got my classes set up for just
Tuesdays and Thursdays. We visited families again in the afternoon. That’s
what we do. We were reminding everyone about General Conference.

Saturday: General Conference all day! We didn’t get any visits in. Luckily,
I was able to watch it in English. I really liked the Priesthood Session.
It was really short, though. However, because it was short, we had some
extra time before curfew, so we went to buy donuts. They made me miss the
Smith’s maple bar donuts. I’m excited to keep learning tomorrow, though, in
the next sessions!

Sunday: More General Conference! I really liked the talks by Elder
Christofferson and Elder Holland. In the afternoon, it started raining
again! I enjoyed it. Again. We had a family home evening with a family of
less actives at night. It was good.

Today: I think we’re going to be together as a Zone today. Now there are 22
of us in the Zone, instead of 10. I think we’re going to make Sloppy Joes.
Should be fun!

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Kehoe