Happy 2016!

It’s crazy to think a new year has begun. We
keep working here just like normal, though. Not much has changed.

New Years Eve we had to be in our room early because everyone goes crazy in
the streets. We decided to get a pizza delivered to celebrate. It was
pretty good. A nice little dinner. Then after that, we went to bed. The
fireworks everyone did woke us up, though.

We’re all good and well here! We have a baptism for the 9th! It should go
great! We’re going to go up to Arequipa this week for our Leadership
Conference, so that’ll be an experience, again. It’s always interesting
traveling. Something always seems to happen.

Well, don’t have much time. Bye! Love you guys! Happy New Year!

Shout out to my friend, Steward! (He actively follows my blog)

-Elder Kehoe