Jesus calms the Storm

This week I want to share something
that I learned this morning. I was reading the story about the Apostles
when they are in the boat with Christ and He calms the sea. They were all
afraid and thought the boat was going to be sunk. They wake up Jesus
frightened of what’s going to happen. He then calms the storm and asks them
why they didn’t have more faith.

I always thought that when Jesus said that, He meant basically, “Why did
you wake me up? We weren’t going to drown. Why did you think we were going
to drown?” However, this morning, I had another idea.

It wasn’t wrong to ask Jesus for help. It was wrong to fear. When we’re in
times of trouble, the Lord doesn’t want us to just “sit in the storm” and
say, “Jesus has it under control. I don’t need to do anything.” He wants us
to ask Him for help. He wants us to trust in His power. He wants us to
“wake Him up,” show Him our faith, and trust in His power. We can ask Him
for help when we’re having hard times. We should ask Him for help during
hard times. It is how we show our faith. We shouldn’t just sit back
passively and wait for the storm to pass.

I’m grateful for this time here on the mission. I’m learning lots of new
things and my testimony has been strengthened a lot. My English has gotten
weaker, yes, but I’m sure I can pick that back up in the States without any

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Kehoe