Last Week in Hunter

This is likely my last week here
in Hunter. Next week we have transfers, and after 7 1/2 months here in
my first area, I assume I’ll be getting transfered. It’s been good and
fun here, but if the Lord needs me somewhere else, that’s where I’m

Last week we went on a tour of Arequipa, and I included a bunch of photos.

This week we’re going to hike up to some waterfalls. It should be a
fun P-Day for my last one here in the Zone.

This week we found a bunch of new investigators, and we’re going to be
visiting them this next week before I go. The baptisms we had planned
might not happen. The investigators haven’t been coming to Church, but
we’re going to keep teaching them and see what we can do. I know this
Church is true. I hope you have a great week and enjoy the pictures

-Elder Kehoe
Here are the photos:

All those strings are strands of llama thread/fur that have been
naturally dyed using insects or plants to get the coloring. It was
pretty cool to see what could be done with natural resources.

The big building is in the Plaza de Armas here in Arequipa.

The other building is another church with some intricate designs
carved into the rock.

Some alpacas and llamas.

Me and a statue up above the green valley that’s in the other picture.