Less than a year to go

This is from last week. I had it typed up but forgot to send it.

Monday: We had a pretty normal day today. We made the brownies that I got
from the ward for P-Day. They didn’t turn out perfect, but they were
certainly the best brownies we’ve had here.

Tuesday: We had to go to Arequipa, AGAIN. We left in a snow storm. It was
awesome! The bus didn’t have any problems, thankfully, and we got to
Arequipa fine. The mission home was full this time of other missionaries,
so we stayed in the apartment the office Elders stay in.

Wednesday: 1 year! We had a great conference with Elder Uceda, 1st Quorum
of the Seventy, today. It was like a little MTC training of what I need to
change and do for this last year of my mission. It still doesn’t feel like
I’m halfway done, though. We had to take a minvan back to Chivay. My
companion threw up a couple times, which was a bummer. Luckily, we had a

Thursday: It was a pretty normal day. However, in the morning, we had the
cool experience of giving a Priesthood Blessing to an investigator. She has
been suffering for a while with arthritis, I think. She always says that
her hands hurt and that it’s hard to wash clothes and stuff, especially in
the cold water we have here. We explained to her and her husband about
Priesthood Blessings, and she said she wanted one. After the blessing, she
said she felt something warm inside. We explained that that was the Holy
Ghost. That it was an answer from God telling her these things are true and
right. I’m pretty sure her husband was touched, too.

Friday: We had some good lessons today. The investigator that just received
their birth certificate had her birthday. We decided to bake her a cake and
have a little activity with her in the Church. We used a box of Funfeti
Cake Mix that my companion’s parents sent him. It turned out super good,
even at 12,000 feet. For dinner we cooked some pasta and ate it with red

Saturday: We did a lot today but had few lessons. Only 1 person came to
seminary. We had to clean the Church. My companion was working on something
for the mission. And everyone was out in the streets having some giant
party for the Virgin Something. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for the Virgin
Mary. Don’t ask my why there are other virgins. I don’t know.)

Sunday: We had a grand total of 9 people in Church today. Everyone is still
at the party from yesterday. It’s a weekend long thing. The meetings were
actually really good, though. Elder Malloy and I both spoke, again. But, we
finally called a Gospel Principles teacher, so that was a nice break. And
the Relief Society president was there, so she taught her class. Elder
Malloy and I taught Primary. It was fun to sing the songs in Spanish with

Have a great week!

-Elder Kehoe