Life in Peru

Things here are going great!

Monday: For P-Day last week, we went to a look out tower and took some
pictures of the area, which you can see below. We also played football, of
course, but this time I actually scored! That was fun.

Tuesday: We also helped one of our investigators gather alfalfa from his
farm this week and fed it to his guinea pigs. He said he has 80 guinea
pigs! I saw a bunch but couldn’t count them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if
he really does have 80. I assume they eat them because guinea pig (cuy) is
a delicacy (I’m pretty sure that was spelled incorreclty) here. I haven’t
had it yet, but I’m sure I will at some point. Everyone says it’s really

Wednesday: My companion made bread this week as well. He was just throwing
ingredients into a bowl and mixing it up with his hand, but it turned out
really good. We worked really hard today and had I think 7 lessons. Usually
we have like 3 or 4, but today was a good day. I’m planning to work like
today every day.

Thursday: Today we went on splits with the District Leader. I went to their
area, and the power was out, so we taught one of our lessons by
candlelight. That was a fun experience. The companion I was with is new to
the area, though, so we were a bit lost and walked around a lot. We talked
to a lot of people to ask directions and handed out a bunch of pamphlets,
so that was good. I also, finally, got my awesome package from home today
with American Halloween candy in it! I’m excited to eat it, and so is my

Friday: Every Friday our ward has a Sports Night where we all meet at the
Church to play volleyball. The volleyball court is outside, not inside like
it is in the States. This week 2 of our investigator families came and
played with us. It was a good experience for them to meet and get to know
the members in a less formal setting than during Church.

Saturday: We ate a bunch of good food today. We visited the 1st Counselor
in our Bishopric, and he gave us soda and cinnamon bread. Then we were
talking with a member and she bought us ice cream. Then later that night we
were with another member and they gave us buttered toast, chicha morada (a
drink made from purple corn) (yes, some of the corn here is purple), and
then they gave us pizza. And as we were leaving, they gave us some tostados
(huge, salted corn kernels that you eat like crackers more or less). Our
ward is awesome!

Sunday: We had a broadcast about our ward councils today. They should
improve a lot, and we should be getting the support of the members a lot
more in our wards now.

Today: We’re going to eat lunch with my companion’s old pensionista across
town and then, of course, we’re going to play soccer with our Zone at the
Stake Center.

I hope everyone at home is doing well! Help out the missionaries in your
areas, please! Give them references and food! We love both!

1) A panoramic of our area
2) This is the tower we took pictures from
3) My Halloween package
4) A picture of me with Misit (isn’t she cute?)

-Elder Kehoe