Lots of New Stuff

Chivay has been interesting. Lots
of things have been going on/changed in my mission now. We haven’t
done a ton of missionary work because we’ve been mostly doing Branch
work. We’ve been worrying about seminary and whether or not the youth
are going, worrying about tithing, fast offerings, and interviews,
giving training to the Relief Society about Visiting Teaching,
planning the Branch Conference we’re going to have (who’s going to
speak, what are they going to speak about, how are we going to invite
people to the conferece, what short videos are we going to share with
the members, etc.), and planning Sacrament Meeting and the other
Sunday classes. In addition to all that, we’ve been looking for new
investigators and visiting a lot of less actives. The work is
different, but we’re always busy.

The weather is strange. The sun burns. The shade freezes. The rain
comes and goes during the day. There are lots of clouds, so I can’t
usually see the stars at night. But the ones I can see are neat. Our
room stays at about a nice and toasty 58-60 degrees. I’m not exactly
sure how cold it gets outside at night, but I think it got down to
47ish one evening. We stay warm though. I sleep with basically 4 big
heavy blankets. We have a space heater in our room and an electric hot
water bottle. Cooking has been fine. We don’t do it very often.
Usually we go out and eat with the other Elders here. But we have made
French Toast, fried eggs, Peruvian Top Roman, yogurt and cereal.

Everything has been going great, though. I’m loving the new area, the
weather, my new companion, and everything. We see the other Elders
here a lot and they’re doing great work here. I haven’t had to do
anything as District Leader yet, but I think I’m going to give someone
a baptism interview today or tomorrow. That’ll be a first.

I think today for P-Day we’re going to go take some pictures around
town, play futbol, and watch a movie. Should be fun. There’s just 4 of
us here, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

I hope everyone has a great week! Stay strong in the Gospel. The Church is true.

-Elder Kehoe