Mission Miracles

I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted
to quickly write about 2 miracles we had this week.

The first one didn’t happen to us, but we saw it and kind of helped in it.
We’ve been visiting one of our investigators with an 18 year old girl from
the Church. They’re good friends, and she’s helping us teach her. We’ve
also been trying to help her be more active in the Church. The lesson we
taught the other day was about the Sabbath Day. We explained that on
Sundays we don’t work or buy stuff or anything. That it’s a day to spend
with the family and go to Church. The young lady from the ward had been
working on Sundays. We challenged them both to come to Church, and the
young lady said that she’d talk to her boss and see if she could get

A couple days later, a member from the branch that works in a really nice
hotel called us asking if we knew anyone who could work there in the hotel.
We thought about this young lady because they needed someone for the
morning shift and she works in the afternoon, so we thought it’d be
perfect. She could quit her other job and work in the nice hotel, make a
lot of money, still study, and go to Church Sundays. We couldn’t find her
that same day, but the next morning we went to her house to tell her the
news. She told us that she had already quit her job because she wanted to
keep the commandments. And I’m pretty sure that it was the same day that
she quit her job that we got the call with the new job opportunity. And the
new job is so much better than the other one. We went with her to talk to
the member and his boss at the hotel, and it sounds like she’ll probably be
starting this week. The Lord blesses us when we put Him first and do
everything we can to keep the commandments.

The second miracle happened to us. President Zobrist asked us to think
about, pray about, fast about, and ponder on the topics of obedience and
family history work for the upcoming multi-zone conference we’re going to
have. He wants everyone to prepare a 5 minute talk about those topics, and
I assume that he’s going to randomly pick missionaries to speak. My
companion and I decided to fast from Saturday to Sunday and ask for
inspiration for our talks. We also decided to fast to find new
investigators. We need some new people to teach and visit. So we did our
fast. Ate lunch Saturday. Didn’t eat dinner or breakfast. We ended our
fast, but hadn’t found anyone new. Then we ate lunch Sunday after Church.
We went about the day, having our branch council meetings, worrying about
tithings and fast offerings, visiting less actives, giving sick members
blessings, etc.

At night, after eating dinner, and as we were walking back to our room, a
lady stopped us in the street. She said that she had talked with
missionaries years ago and that she needed help. She said that something
awful had happened in her family and that she wanted us to come over to
talk with her. We set up an appointment for today at 4:00. As we finished
talking to her, I thought to myself, “Was that the answer to our fast?” And
felt overwhelmed by the Spirit that yes, she was the investigator that we
had been fasting for. The Lord listens to our prayers and blesses us when
we demonstrate faith and works. I know that to be true.

I hope everyone has a great week! This Church is true, and God loves us.
Let’s show Him that we love Him, too.

-Elder Kehoe