Mother’s Day!

This week was Mother’s Day! That means I
got to call home! The internet here in Chivay is terrible, though, so we
talked with our mission president and got permission to come here to
Arequipa and Skype home in the offices. After our Church meetings in
Chivay, we got on a bus and made the 3 hour trip here to Arequipa. It was
great to be able to talk with the family, see them, and share Mother’s Day

During the week, we had a Zone Conference with the rest of the missionaries
in our Zone, Umacollo. We also made the 3 hour trip to Arequipa for that,
so we didn’t have a ton of time to work in Chivay this week. We’re still
getting ready for the Branch Conference, though. We’re inviting the whole
town to come. Our mission president is going to come, too, and talk to the
branch. We were told this week that they might be closing the branch down
because there’s no worthy priesthood holder in the area that can be the
Branch President. We’re still working hard, though, and hoping that they
don’t close it down. Our hope is that with the Branch Conference we’re
going to have, a lot of new investigators come to Church, and we can start
visiting and teaching them. We are doing everything possible to help this
Branch grow, and it is. Little by little.

We’re still in Arequipa, so I can actually send fotos this week because the
internet is fast here. I don’t have a ton, but here are some.

One is a panoramic taken from our bedroom. And the other is a selfie with
me wearing all my warm clothes to not freeze while we’re proselyting at
night. The other panoramic is taken from outside our Church building up on the hill, looking over the town.

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Kehoe