No Transfers

We had transfers this week, but Elder Vera
and I are still here in Hunter. It looks like I’ll be finishing his
training here for the next 6 weeks, then after General Conference in April,
I’ll finally be leaving MY town.

The time has been flying by. We have P-Day Monday, meetings Tuesday and
Thursday mornings, and Church Sundays, so the majority of days are
basically partial work days, then we have 3 days of full work and study.
And on those days, we occasionly have service projects, so there’re even
more partial work days.

Our mission president talked about that a while ago. He told us that only a
small part of our week each week is used face-to-face teaching with the
investigators, and it’s true. He was explaining to us how important all the
other stuff that we do is, especially our studies. We have time everyday to
study, and we need to use it wisely to prepare ourselves for the very short
time that we have to talk to and teach our investigators.

We have a couple investigators that are close-ish to baptism. We’re working
with them to set a goal for a baptism date. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last week for P-Day, we went go-karting again. It was my companion’s first
time. Haha, he crashed. He’s fine, though. After go-karting, we went to the
Stake Center, met up with all the missionaries, and ate pizza and watched
Monster’s University. It was really funny. Then that night we had a tiny
‘bonfire’ for Family Home Evening. It was a good day. Today I think we’re
just going to go shopping, and maybe play some ping pong.

I hope you’re all having a good time at home! Thanks for your prayers! Have
a great week!

-Elder Kehoe