Open your mouth, and it shall be filled

So, really cool
experience this week. It happened on Tuesday. That morning my companion and
I were studying how to ask investigators questions, what kind of questions
we should ask them, what’s the purpose in asking questions, etc. We had a
good study. Then we went to our District Meeting.

In the District Meeting, we talked about the Spirit and how important it is
that we follow and listen to Him. Then we were going to do practices. The
practices were about following the Spirit to make inspired questions to
help the investigators. I thought, “Well, I don’t really know how to do
that. So I hope they don’t choose us to do the practice.” But of course,
they chose us. They told us to talk to the “investigator” (another Elder)
as if we were finishing the lesson about the Restauration. We were told to
really think about our questions and make them good. I was remembering
everything we did that morning. “Questions need to do this… Don’t ask
this type of question… Make them think and ponder… etc.” We started,
and I thought we were doing pretty alright. We weren’t getting much out of
him, though. He had read the Book of Mormon, prayed about it, didn’t
receive an answer, wants to find the truth. We asked him the best questions
we could. Then the Elder in charge of the practices stopped us and said,
“Elder Kehoe, ask Him an inspired question.” I said, obviously just to
myself, “Umm… What have we been doing up until now? How do I ask an
inspired question? What does that even mean? What if I can’t do it while
everyone is here watching me? I’m their Zone Leader, but I can’t do this…
Well. Let’s see. He told me to do it. So I just need to do it. I don’t know
how to do it, but I need to do it. Therefore, I’m going to need God’s
help… How does one just get God’s help right in an instant like this? Oh
man…” All of this and more was going very quickly through my head.
Everyone was waiting for me. Everyone wanted to hear my question. Everyone
would know if I did it right or wrong…

While I was thinking about all that stuff, a scripture came to mind, “Open
your mouth and it shall be filled.” I thought, “Great. That’s exactly what
I need! But what does ‘open your mouth’ even mean?? Do I need to just talk
with what I already know and the Lord will change my words or something? Or
do I literally just open my mouth and somehow I’ll start talking?” I didn’t
have more time to think about it, though. With that scripture in mind, I
just went on trusting. Not understanding everything. Not knowing exactly
what would happen. Just trusting. I said, “Hermano.” (Brother) and made a
little pause. I opened my mouth. Then the Lord answered. I had a question
in my head. I don’t know how it got there. But it was there. I could see
the words. But quicker than I could even process the question and think
about it myself, I asked him, “What are you looking for in the Book of

The Spirit filled the room. The Elder that was playing the part as the
investigator was hit with the Spirit. He literally like sat back in his
chair and took in the question. As did almost all the missionaries there in
the room with us. I felt the Spirit so strongly there. I had done it. I
trusted in the Lord, acted with faith, and He helped me out. He filled my
mouth with the exact words that the investigator needed to hear. Everyone
there felt the Spirit, but I was able to strengthen my testimony that God
really answers us. He helps us. He won’t leave us alone. He won’t let us
make a fool of ourselves in front of a bunch of other missionaries when we
trust in Him. “Open your mouths, and they shall be filled” (D&C 33:10).

-Elder Kehoe

P.S. Here are some more baptism photos. Also, 1 photo from my birthday.