Small miracles

I think that’s probably an oxymoron
because a miracle in and of itself is something big, but you know what I

Our mission president has asked us to contact more people in the street
during these weeks. Usually we get references from the members to get new
investigators. Our mission president told us he wants us to work harder to
find investigators on our own. And he promised that we’d see miracles if we
start doing it. We started doing it and saw miracles.

The goal is to contact 5 people daily, Continue reading


Looks like I’m here to die

We had transfers today! But I
didn’t get transferred. Which means I’m probably going to “die” (finish my
mission) here in this ward. It’s unlikely that they’ll transfer me to
another area for just 1 month.

We had a good week this week!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone first of all!

It was great to Skype home with the family yesterday. I’m glad everyone is
doing well.

We made pizza this week with a family. Here are some pictures!

We just keep working hard here. We have 7 investigators with a Continue reading

All is well

Everything is great here! I’ll write more
next week! I think we’re going to play Risk (the board game) all day today!

Have a great week!

-Elder Kehoe


2 More Baptized!

Here’s another day by day in the Life
of Elder Kehoe.

Monday: We went to visit my first area for P-Day. We went and talked to my
old pensionista and lavanderia. They were very happy to see me, and it was
fun to be able to talk to them again and catch up a bit. It’s been about a
year and a half since I was with them.

Tuesday: We had our weekly District Meeting. I taught about the importance
of working with members when we do missionary work. Then in the afternoon,
we got some invitations ready for Continue reading


Another one Baptized!

I have little time this week, but
our investigator got baptized! He’s the first in his family, but soon the
others will be baptized as well!

We’re going to have 2 more baptisms this week, as well!

Hope everyone has a great week! I know we will!

-Elder Kehoe