We’re in Arequipa again, so that means photos! We
came here yesterday to watch the Trujillo Temple Dedication with the
members. Then we got permission from President to stay here and have our
P-Day. We’re going to print some photos and go shopping for things we can’t
get in Chivay. I have a couple photos here, but my dad should be uploading

We had a good week. Always busy like normal. I don’t have enough time to
write everything out like the last 2 weeks, but you know that we were busy.

The big event was watching the Temple Dedication yesterday. It was really
neat. We were able to come with 11 members from the branch. It was the
first dedication that all of them had seen. It was my first one, too. Elder
David A. Bednar and Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf were there. We (the Elders)
were able to go to 2 of the sessions. The members only had time for 1. The
talks were really good, and the sessions were great. It’s going to be a
great blessing to have another temple in Peru. Soon we should have one in
Arequipa, but it will require that the members work. We’re helping them
with that so that we have another temple sooner than later.

I hope everyone has a good week! Love you all! Thanks for your emails and

-Elder Kehoe

I have pictures of food for now. Those are some brownies we made. Our
semi-normal pancake breakfast. And a traditional meal here: stuffed peppers
with a sort of potato casserole a piece of alpaca meat and Inca