Pi Day

Happy Pi Day everyone! Hope you have a good one.

Here’s a break down of last week:

Monday: We went on a little hike. We found a cool cave type thing with
water that trickles through the walls of the cave not far from here. We had
to cross a small river to get there, but it was fun. Here are 2 photos.

Tuesday: First of all, everyone here drinks yogurt. They don’t eat it; they
drink it. It’s all very runny. It’s good, though. You buy it in a big 1
liter plastic bottle. Our pensionista bought us some yogurt to drink with
breakfast. It was sitting on the table. My companion served himself. Then I
went to serve myself. I wanted to shake it up, though, just so it wasn’t
chunky or anything. Little did I know, the lid wasn’t screwed on. Yogurt.
Everywhere. On the walls. The table. My hands. My tie. My pants. My shirt.
Luckily my comp didn’t get hit. And the pensionista wasn’t there to see it.
We quickly cleaned it up and kept eating. Then I changed my pants.

Tuesday afternoon: The seminary teacher asked us to come to class today to
help teach. There are 4 students. We were talking about Moses. It was good.
I think I helped the class learn.

Tuesday night: There is a less active member from Utah living in our area.
He comes to church every once in a while. He invited us over and cooked
some really good philly cheese steak sandwiches for us. It was awesome.
Really, really good. A little taste of America.

Wednesday: It was a really good day. We got 7 lessons in. Normally we have
like 3 or 4. I was also studying and learning more about the importance of
the Book of Mormon and the power that it has.

Thursday: We had our Zone Conference with President today. We learned a
lot. We talked about repentance, baptism, missionary health, and the
responsibilities that members have in missionary work. Then President
decided to have a planking contest with one of the Elders in the meeting.
Yes. Planking. Like the exercise when you’re on your elbows and toes and
need to keep your stomach up. The deal was for every minute President
planked, the Elder had to plank 3 (because President is 3 times older than
us). They went at it. President, very impressively, got up to 3 minutes.
The Elder got up to… 3 minutes… President won.

Friday: Today my companion gave away some of the ties he has to some less
active young men in the ward. He has like 50+ ties! We taught them how to
tie their ties to get ready for Church on Sunday.

Saturday: Crazy day. There was a baptism in the ward we share a chapel
with. The sister missionaries in the ward called us to help them get the
baptismal font ready. While we’re walking over to the chapel, we pass
through an outdoor market. A man yells at us and tell us to come over. He
asks if we happen to be the missionaries that work in that area. We tell
him yes and ask if he is Brother Cruz. (Brother Cruz is a reference we
received the other day. We went to his house to contact him. No one was
there. We call him. It’s the wrong number.) He tells us that yes, he is
Brother Cruz. Miraculously, we find a reference in a very crowed market
place. Then he asks us to come to his house later that afternoon. He wanted
us to come at 3, but it interfered with the baptism, so we decided to go at
5. He said he’s a member from Puno who just recently moved here. His
in-laws wanted to listen to us. We were excited and went to the Church. We
clean and fill up the font. Once it was full, we turn on the hot water
heater. It takes water out of the font, heats it up, and puts it back in…
usually. Apparently, this Church isn’t like the rest. The font overflowed.
Luckily we caught it before it made a huge mess. And there’s no carpet in
the Church, which made it a lot easier to clean. But the baptism ended up
being in cold water. One of our investigators came to the baptism. Said she
liked it.

Saturday at 5: We went to the reference’s house. He was there waiting for
us. We go in and meet his wife. They got married 4 months ago. She’s a
non-member. She wants to learn more about the Church. Then we met her 2
brothers. They want to learn about the Church. One of them is married. His
wife wasn’t there, but she wants to learn, too. Then they told us they have
3 other siblings that live in the house that want to learn, too. And also
their parents want to learn. So, we ended up finding a family with 10
people that can and want to be baptized! It was a huge miracle. We’ve been
needing investigators. We have a Family Home Evening tonight with all of
them; we’re going to meet everyone that wasn’t there on Saturday.

Sunday: If you guys don’t know yet, the Church made a new video for Easter.
We started sharing it with some people yesterday. It’s really good. Most of
the afternoon we were looking for families from the list of unknown
addresses we got from the bishop. We found all of the houses/families. Some
of the people had died already… Most of them had moved away. Some of them
denied being members. But we found everyone. I’m sure the ward is going to
give us a new list to look for soon.

That’s a small part of the week. So much stuff happens that I can’t write
it all. I know that this Church is true. This really is the Lord’s work.
He’s is helping us along the way. As we trust in Him, He will bless us and
give us strength.

Have a great week, everyone!

-Elder Kehoe