Well, Thanksgiving came and went. We didn’t
really do anything. We went to a bakery and found tiny apple pies, but
that’s about it. And the rest of the week was fine.

The family that we contacted, that was basically athiest, that didn’t want
anything to do with the Church, has been reading the Book of Mormon and
said they want to be baptized! They haven’t decided on a date yet, but
it’ll probably be soon! We have like 5 baptisms scheduled for December!
It’s going to be great! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Also, funny story. We were talking with an investigator in his doorway. It
was the 2nd or 3rd time we’d visited him. And he told us he needed to tell
us something. He was super nervous and uncomfortable. We were just like,
“Hey, don’t worry. Just tell us.” So he starts to tell us. And right when
he does, a HUGE truck passes by on the street behind us. We didn’t hear a
thing! It was exactly like all the movies, when someone has something
important to say and a car passes and you don’t hear anything. My companion
and I looked at each other. “What in the world did he say?” So we had to
ask him. “Hey, could you repeat that?” I don’t think he heard the question,
though, because he just kind of kept on talking. Eventually, we figured out
that he doesn’t want us to visit him anymore. We told him that wasn’t a
problem. And went on our way. We’re still visiting his daughter. She’s
going to be married to a member and baptized in a couple weeks. He’ll
probably decided to listen again, too.

That’s about it from the week! Have a good one, everyone!

We found a turkey/peacock for Thanksgiving!

-Elder Kehoe