The Holy Ghost

We had a really cool experience this week.

We recently had a visit from Bishop Stevensen from the Presiding Bishopric.
We was talking to us about how to testify/share our testimonies. Something
he said is that we need to: 1) tell them we’re going to testify, 2) wait
for the Spirit to come, 3) share our testimony.

Telling them what we’re going to do and then waiting a little bit, like 10
seconds, makes such a huge difference. We were practicing that during our
Zone Council meeting this week.

We did a practice of this with the missionaries in our Zone. During the
practice, one Elder was an “investigator” with a doubt about the
Restoration. He didn’t tell us what his doubt was. Then 2 Elders needed to
share their testimonies using what Bishop Stevensen taught us, and they
needed to testify about what the investigator was doubting.

The Elders announced that they were going to share their testimonies, then
they waited. They needed to seek revelation during that little bit of
silence. Then they spoke. And they spoke with such power. Everyone in the
room felt the Spirit very strongly. Both Elders testified like that.

Then we asked the “investigator” what his doubt was. It was exactly what
the Elders testified about. He was doubting Joseph Smith really being a
prophet and seeing God. That’s exactly what the missionaries testified
about. They didn’t say anything to each other, and neither one of them
talked about the Book of Mormon or the priesthood. They both focused on
Joseph Smith. That’s what the Spirit told both of them to do.

It was really neat to see that the Spirit can and will help us in the work.
Even though this was a practice with Elders, the Spirit will help us when
we’re in a lesson with a real investigator who has real doubts. The Spirit
will help you guys at home know what to say, too, when you’re sharing the
Gospel. We just need to trust in God.

Love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Kehoe