The work goes on


Things here in Peru are progressing! We have 3 baptisms planned for the
22nd of this month and we might have 4 more the same day.

Spanish is coming along great. I can understand most of what is said to me,
and if I don’t understand something, my companion can explain it to me in a
way that I can understand. I am teaching him English, too, so we have tiny
conversations in English.

My companion is super crazy, though. But it’s a funny crazy. He burns
himself on something (usually a pan on the stove) literally every day. And
this week he accidently cut his throat with a knife and stung himself on
the lip with a dead wasp. He’s alive and well, though. He just makes me
laugh everyday. It’s fun.

We found 3 new investigators this week and are teaching them the lessons.
We hope they will decide to be baptized. We are also working with our less
actives and recent converts. We have 9 recent converts in the ward, and
we’re supposed to teach them twice a week every week, so we have lots of
work to do.

I don’t have much time to write nor do I have pictures, but next week there
should be more! Hope all is going well in the States!

-Elder Kehoe