We got snow!

We got snow for the first time in 20
years here in Chivay! And of course, it was on the same day as our
Branch 4th of July BBQ. Luckily, it all melted before the activity.
About 25 people came. However, 20ish were kids, so it was kind of
crazy. And we didn’t actually have a BBQ. One of the members told us
they had a grill, but we couldn’t find it, so we just cook everything
in a frying pan on the stove. Not quite the same, but the best we
could do in Peru. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, and soda.
I’m pretty sure everyone liked it.

We’ve been working hard to keep the branch stronger. The members have
been helping us out more, recently, which is great. We got a couple
new investigators from member references last week. They’re
progressing a lot quicker than our other investigators. One of them
wants to be baptized in September on her birthday. It’d be awesome if
I was still here in Chivay to see that.

I know that the Lord is still a Lord of miracles. He is watching over
us and blessing us. If we look for miracles, we’ll find them. They’re
all around us. The Lord is always blessing us and helping us. Even
when we’re passing through trials or hard times, He’s there, asking us
to take a couple more steps, asking us to give our all, then He steps
in to finish the rest. We need to do our part first, though.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer! We’re freezing here.