Week 61?

I don’t know what week it actually is. But I did
realize that I only have 6 transfers left after this one. It’s super weird
to think the mission is so close to being over.

This week we had a couple interesting things happen.

Monday: I was transfered, like I said last week.

Tuesday: We worked like normal. Didn’t have a whole lot of success, but we
were out looking for people all day.

Wednesday: We had to go to Arequipa for our monthly leadership council. We
were in the bus for 6 hours, like normal. Thankfully, nothing happened
during this trip. In Arequipa, we got a little snack then went to the
mission home for the council. My companion got a smoothie and I got a fruit
salad. It was super good! I love fruit. Then in the mission home, President
made hamburgers for everyone! Those were super good, too. Nice thick
patties with lettuce, tomatoe, sauces. There was also homemade mac and
cheese. Super good, as well. After a great dinner, we talked about the
changes in the mission. We talked for a long time, but we got a lot of
things established and put in order. It was good. Then we went to the hotel
to sleep.

Thursday: We went back to the mission home in the morning. We ate lots of
French Toast for breakfast. Then we had another meeting. We talked about
how many baptisms and rescues we had last month and what we’re going to do
for this month. We talked about different ideas to have success, things we
can do, things we need to change, etc. It was really good. We’re excited to
put everything in practice now. Then we left and drove the 6 hours back

Friday: We had a little meeting in the morning to plan the Zone Council. It
went pretty well. We got everything we’re going to talk about set up and in
order. Then we visited in the afternoon like normal. President called us
during the day and told us he wanted to meet with us and with the Stake
Presidents here. Apparently, he was here in Tacna and wanted to see how the
stakes are doing. We set up a time to meet. We left a meeting with 1
President to go and visit 2 people we already had appointments with. Then
we met with another stake president at like 8:00. There are 3 Stake
Presidents here in Tacna. We went to 2 of the meetings. Then after the
meeting, President invited us out to dinner. It was like 9:00 already, but
we went out and got some really, really good steaks. They were the best
ones I’ve had in a long time. We went to our room very quickly after that
and slept.

Saturday: It was a pretty good day today. We worked all afternoon. Then at
night we had the adult session of Stake Conference. President Zobrist and
his wife spoke, as well as the Stake President. It was a really good
meeting. Afterwards, we left and went back to our room to sleep and get
ready for the Sunday morning meetings.

Sunday: We had a priesthood leadership meeting with Stake Conference early
in the morning that we went to. Then we went to the general session
afterwards. A couple of our investigators came, which was great! They felt
the Spirit and really enjoyed the messages. We had some good lessons in the
afternoon, as well. We invited one investigator to be baptized, and she
said yes! She said she wants to do it November 21! It’ll be great!

Good news: The miraculous family that we found a couple weeks ago after my
prayer, came to Church this week! Well, at least the mom did. She said that
while she was there, she felt that God was there. She said she’s been to a
lot of different churches and that this Church was different. I wasn’t
there because I got moved out of that area, but my old companion told me
about it. Hopefully she keeps progressing!

Love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Kehoe