Week I-don’t-remember-which-number

We had a good week! We were able to watch Conference this weekend, and they set up a room for us to listen to it in English, so that was great. The first native Spanish speaker we listened to in Spanish, but it was hard to follow and understand everything he was saying, so I’m glad the whole thing wasn’t like that. I learned a lot. And the 10 hours passed by really quick. We didn’t have many lessons those days because we were traveling to and from the Stake Center and the Conferenece was a lot of the day.

We have a current investigator that has a lot of religious questions, so I like to teach her and help her understand more. We taught the Word of Wisdom (haha, I wanted to write Palabra de SabidurĂ­a) and also why there are so many different churches (the Restoration). We wanted to give her a Book of Mormon to read because she said that she wanted to know if it was true or not. We didn’t have one on us, so I said we’d return to our room, grab one, and bring it back. And I was willing to do that even though there are, literally, over 160 stairs to get up to her house. We walked down them, back to our room, back to the stairs, up the stairs, and to her house, and gave her the book. She seemed really happy to have it. One of the scriptures that I shared with her that I think might’ve helped her understand a little bit more why we have the Book of Mormon and the Bible was Mormon 7:8-9. It talks about the record of the Jews (the Bible) and this record (the Book of Mormon). And it clearly says, if you believe that record (the Bible) you will believe this record (the Book of Mormon). The two book work together perfectly and testify of each other. And through both books, we can come closer to Christ.

For P-Day last week we went to the Plaza de Armas. We happened to run into a bunch of the other missionaries that were with me in the MTC, so it was fun to see and talk to them. We also went to basically a flea market with tons of little shops and walked around. You can buy just about anything here for pretty cheap. Today I think we are going to stay here in Hunter and do something as a zone.

Elder Kehoe

These photos are of my pensionista in our little kitchen and of the street outside my house. Any more requests?


Apartment street

Apartment street II