We’re Alive and Well

Everything is going well here in
Peru. Elder Vera and I are working hard here in Palacio, or ‘The Palace’ in
English. We found a couple new investigator families this week, and we’re
hoping that they feel the desire to be baptized and become members of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We visited one of these families with our bishop. The lesson was awesome.
He taught super clearly, gave great explanations, and taught with the
Spirit. We talked mostly with this family about prayer. The investigator
told us that he has a lot of faith in and always prays to the Virgin Maria.
He said it’s like a big company: when you have a question or need
something, you don’t go straight to the boss, you talk to his secretary.
Then our bishop asked, ‘And if this boss is your dad, do you think he’d let
you talk directly to him, instead of talking to his secretary?’ We
explained that Heavenly Father is literally our Father, and that we don’t
just call Him that because we love Him a lot. He is our father and wants us
to talk to Him like we talk to our father here on earth. He will also
listen and answer our prayers, just like our earthly father listens and
answers our questions.

We also invited them to Church. We used the example of a chocolate cake. If
you have a chocolate cake, you can’t know if it’s actually good unless you
try it. It’s the same with the Church. We can tell you it’s good, but if
you don’t come for yourself and try it for yourself, you won’t know if
we’re lying. They went on vacation this week and couldn’t come to Church,
but we’re hoping they come next week.

Our bishop also talked about the fruit from the Tree of Life in Lehi’s
dream. He explained that if we found a new fruit somewhere, tasted it,
found out that it was super delicious, we’d want to go and share it with
our family. And if they liked it, too, we’d go out and share it with our
neighbors. We’d tell everyone how great of a thing we’d found. We explained
that this is what we were doing as missionaries. We have found a new fruit,
the Church, that is sweet, delicious, and makes us happy. Because it makes
us so happy, we are out telling everyone about it so that they can be
happy, too.

It was an awesome lesson that we had with our bishop. I learned a lot, and
I’m hoping the investigators did, too. I’ll keep you updated on what
happens. Hopefully we can visit them again this week and ask if they
prayed, like we invited them to do.

I hope everyone is doing alright in the States! Keep up all the great work!
Remember, it’s not just the missionaries that are called to share the
gospel, it’s the job of every member of the Church!

Love you all!
-Elder Kehoe